Overview - Careers in Diving

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in achieving your goal as a commercial diver. CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies (CDAWI) stands ready to assist you in becoming a true professional.

The demand for qualified commercial divers is astounding. Both offshore and inland, the diving industry need is great indeed. Consider all of the bridges and dams that were built 20, 30, 50 … 100 years ago. These structures are in constant need of being surveyed, inspected, and repaired. Municipalities across the country are passing bonds to fund the work required on these aging structures at an unprecedented rate.

If diving offshore internationally in such places as the North Sea or off the coasts of South Africa, South America, Bahrain, China and the United Kingdom sounds exciting to you, our instructors have been there…done that.They have made a substantial living while fulfilling their own goals and dreams and look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. If, on the other hand, working inland in the many rivers, lakes and harbors that cover approximately 40 percent of our magnificent planet sounds more appealing, our instructors have been there…done that, too. Whatever your career goal might be, CDAWI can help you.

We’ve lived in the world of commercial diving for a long time. It’s exciting and challenging. We’ve seen the good times and the bad. But what we have noticed the most is the demand for qualified personnel. Recognizing this as a tremendous, unending need, we've built CDAWI as a model training site for people like you to meet the demands.

We take great pride in offering you the most up-to-date diving instruction in a safe environment. Additionally, we are in a prime location for open-water diving.  We have it all!  Expertise, location, and the commitment to assist you in becoming the most skilled, professional, sought-after commercial diver in the industry. Welcome to the fascinating world of commercial diving.

Career Opportunity

Like many professions, work availability is always subject to supply vs. demand, the economics of a given industry, whether you are free to relocate outside your place of residence and other related skills you have in addition to diving and welding.  CDA has been providing training and expertise for students interested in diving careers since 1995.

There are a number of career opportunities for experienced welder-divers. Many go on to become engineers, instructors, and diving operations supervisors, qualify as AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), and serve as consultants for underwater welding operations and other related fields. The instructors at CDAWI have extensive experience in the industry before joining our staff and are often called out on assignments at various times throughout the year.

A career as a welder-diver can serve as a stepping stone to other opportunities for those who choose the profession.