Capt. Ray Black - Founder/CEO

Capt. Ray Black began his diving career 31 years ago serving in the USMC/USN. After an Honorable discharge, he continued his career working in all aspects of commercial diving. Capt. Black founded Commercial Diving Academy in 1995, and his goal then was to produce certified world class divers.  This commitment remains the same today, as CDA Technical Institute prepares students with the necessary skills needed and sought after by the diving industry.  Capt. Black holds qualifications as ADCI Bell/Saturation Diving Supervisor, Peruvian Bell/Saturation Diving Supervisor, DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor, DCBC Assessor, USCG 100 Ton Unrestricted Operator License, NASE/SDI/TDI Technical Diving Supervisor, Speciality Welds UK Underwater Welding Specialist,  ERDI Public Safety Diving Instructor, NAUI Course Director, NASE College Director and PDIC Instructor.



Walt Joslyn - Hyperbaric Programs Director / Instructor

Mr. Joslyn retired from the USN in 1990 after 23 years of service as a First Class Diver and Diving Officer. During his Navy diving career, his jobs included heavy underwater salvage, diving instructor at both Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center and Naval School of Diving and Salvage. Mr. Joslyn also qualified as a Master Training Specialist, Life Support Systems Certifications Officer, QA Officer for Diver Life Support Systems and HEO2 diving supervisor. Walt is a DCBC Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor, a Dive Medic Technician (DMT) Instructor and Hyperbaric Technology Instructor with the National Board of Diving Medicine and Hyperbaric Technology (NBDHMT).  Mr. Joslyn is currently the chairman of Hyperbaric Diving Operations for the council on Hyperbarics for the DCBC.  After retiring from the Navy, he has worked as a Hyperbaric Chamber Operator, commercial rigger, crane inspector, and repair technician. He has returned to what he loves, which is teaching.

Mick Parkinson - Medical Programs Director / Instructor

Mr. Parkinson came to CDA Technical Institute (CDA), formerly Commercial Diving Academy, after having served in the Royal Navy for 25 years as an R.N. An avid recreational diver, he has been diving since 1985. He currently holds Instructor status with the following agencies: British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC Advanced Instructor), SSI DiveCon Instructor, NASE Master Instructor, NAUI Instructor, SDI Instructor Trainer, Handicapped Scuba Diving Instructor and a PADI Dive Master. Mr. Parkinson’s passion is diving safety and to this end he holds the following Instructor Certifications with DAN, AED, O2 for Divers, O2 for Aquatic Injuries, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries. Recently, he became a DAN Diving Emergency Specialist and is also a BSAC Advanced Lifesaver, Diver Rescue Specialist and a Practical Rescue Management Instructor.   He is a DCBC Restricted Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor.  Mr. Parkinson recently completed his Pharmacy Technicians diploma, Veterinary Technicians diploma, and has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Abnormal Psychology. 

Ronald Alonzo - Assistant Instructor

Ron graduated from CDA Technical Institute Jacksonville in April of 2011.  After graduating, he continued his education by earning DMT and ALST at the National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen in April of 2012. Since graduating from CDA Technical Institute he has been working steady Inland and Offshore in Venezuela, specializing in Hydroelectric Power Plants (Tocoma, La Vueltosa and Turimiquire), Ships Husbandry and Port Security.  He was also part of the ONA (Oficina Nacional Antidrogas) Underwater Survey team in the eastern zone of Venezuela where he worked directly with Venezuelan National Guard and Coast Guard in the JAA Terminals of Guaraguao, Guanta, Cumana, Araya, Carupano, Guiria, Guamache and the River Ports for Ferrominera del orinoco, Venalum, Alcasa, Sidor. He has also served as an Advisor for Technical Bidding and cost analysis for Schurmarine C.A. in the development of the ENI-Saipem Perla Project in the Paraguana Peninsula. He has also held the position of Operations Manager for Astra Marítima C.A. and most recently, Technical Advisor for the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards in the drafting of the new Commercial Diving Operational Standards.

“When I received the offer from CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies to become an instructor, I didn't hesitate because from everything I've seen and all the people I've met in the industry, I have never seen personnel with such a vast amount of knowledge and expertise, and such interesting backgrounds. If you want to succeed in the Diving Industry, I don't know any better place to start your career than CDA technical Institute”.