Why CDA Technical Institute?

CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies, Inc. is the ONLY fully-accredited diver training program with IMCA-recognized training in the Caribbean. CDAWI’s training is complete, comprehensive and intensive to ensure our graduates are recruited by the industry’s leading dive companies. Our experienced instructors, combined with our real-world training facilities, ensure our students’ success. The orientation training lagoon, multiple fixed and mobile dive stations, welding fabrication shop, and three hyperbaric chambers create an unparalleled learning environment.

On the practical side, our students experience more time in the water working on projects than most other programs with a minimum 3,000 minutes of bottom time. Our program goes above and beyond the standard training by simulating the demands of a real commercial diver with daily physical training, 12-hour days, safety meetings, and a senior practical. CDAWI Technical Institute is committed to training students in a comprehensive and hands-on educational environment that will ensure they achieve success in the highly competitive world of commercial diving.

CDAWI also offers advanced training in Underwater Welding, Dive Medicine, Hyperbaric Chamber Operations, and Professional Scuba Instructor Training.  These elective programs can enhance a student’s skill levels, marketability, and career opportunities beyond diving and are another unique advantage of CDAWI.