DMT Training Group

June 20, 2004

To conclude a month of posting information on dive medicine, we reprint here an overview of the DMT Training Group Program as given by its director, Dr. Guppy.

PG Guppy,
Director Medical Liaison and Training
DMT Training Group

4th May, 2004

DMT Training Group Programmes:

The DMT Training Group evolved from a merger of the DMT Diver Medic Training and DEA Diver Education Associates in 1998. Up to that time they operated as separate entities.

DMT Diver Medic Training developed and tested diver related training programmes, training design and delivery methods and further, developed instructors and instructor training programmes to teach the programmes designed. The training staff incluced former Military, Government and Police personnel with qualifications ranging from Service training to Doctor of Medicine degrees. Further Membership of Professional is required in accordance with the Education and Training Act in the United Kingdom (and European Union (EU)), where post secondary education and Instructor qualifications are strictly regulated.

The training staff of this organisation, have programme development experience going back to 1979, when the first civilian paramedic programme based upon competency was developed for the Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada. Since that time and culminating in 1989 with the development of the Diver Medic Technician (Paramedic). This programme was recognized in 1991 by the National Board of Hyperbaric and Diving Medical Technology (NBHDMT) for DMT acknowledgment. In 1992, The Executive Director of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in a letter stated that ... "this (DMT) programme exceeded the requirements of the "Diving at Work Regulations (DWR)" and was a goal to be strived for."

Since that time, the present DMT Introductory Programme taught over a minimum of eighty (80) hours with additional practicums evolved as the "standard" for Diver Medic Technician under the DWR. Additionally, they have been recognized by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) in accordance with the requirements of 29 CFR Part 1910:410; they also comply with the requirements of Australia's Department of Labour through our association with AUSI Pty Inc.

Other programmes have since been recognized in accordance with HSE's DWR and they include amongst others...Oxygen Administration Offshore; Hyperbaric Chamber Operator; Emergency Diving Accident Management and Medical Response Diver.

In addition Manuals and Texts have been developed to support programmes in Advanced Technical Diving and Rescue and Recovery. The later text being published (various languages) in Italy by NASE Italy in the summer of 2004 for inclusion in their training of Rescue and Recovery Divers in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic; the Slovak Republic and in Egypt.

DEA Diver Education Associates was formed to provide consulting services to agencies requiring Diver Training programmes for specially selected staff as a part of their duties. DEA provided the assessment services and the DMT constructed the programmes.

Before and continuing since 1998, DMT Training Group programmes have been made available in the following countries...Australia and New Zealand; the Far East; Africa and the European Union.

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