Sport Diving Instructor

Turn your passion into a paycheck. 

Go Pro with CDA and NASE.

Do you enjoy scuba diving?

Why not turn it into a rewarding career that offers potential travel to exotic destinations coupled with meeting new people and sharing your love of the undersea world?

Become an Open Water Scuba Instructor!

This CDA program is the most comprehensive of its kind with added values you won't find in other programs.

What really makes this program unique is the real world experience you will attain during your training. In addition to the comprehensive core training, students are part of the open water scuba training within our commercial program, and since a majority of SCUBA dives take place in the ocean, why train and become certified in only fresh water? Our program offers real world experience by Dive Mastering and Instructing from an active charter vessel in the Caribbean. You will actively assist in guiding tourists and students alike.

Part of our program is training within our onsite store. There you will learn the basics of retailing, merchandising, operating "point-of-sale" systems and interacting with customers. This is the experience that employers desire. The more skills you bring with you to a job allows for less time training, and you become an immediate asset to the operations.

Another unique facet of our training is that it is competency based. This means our instructors do not pass a student until that person is competent at the given task. This also means that we hold our instructors to the same standard. Too often students are given a pass on a specific skill because some feel the need to give them something or move them along just because they paid. 

NOT US. We hold firm to our standards. It shows in our students' skill and our instructors' ability. Being competent is more than just "blowing bubbles." Operating confidently, safely and respectfully of the environment you are in is the only way to dive.

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List of Equipment:

  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (B.C.D.)  $349.00 USD & up
  • Weight Belt  $ 79.00 USD & up
  • ¼" Wet Suit (Spring 5mm & Summer 7mm)  $ 225.00 USD & up
  • Hard Sole Dive Boots  $ 54.00 USD & up
  • Scuba Mask, Snorkel & Fins Combo (open fins)  $ 189.95 USD & up
  • Dive Gloves  $ 7.80 USD & up
  • Dive Lights  $ 19.95 USD & up
  • Scuba Cylinder/Visual/Stamped/Hydro  $ 160.00 USD & up
  • 1st & 2nd Stage PSI Regulator/Bailout with Alternate Air Source  $ 399.95 USD & up
  • Submersible PSI & Depth Gauge/Hose  $ 216.95 USD & up
  • Timing Device  $ 9.99 USD & up
  • Dive Computer (optional)  $ 410.00 USD & up
  • 5 X 7 White Slates with Pencil (2)  $ 7.95 USD & up
  • Dive Knife or Scissors  $ 25.95 USD & up
  • Gear Bag  $ 60.00 USD & up

*** Cylinders and weights are provided.
**** All equipment must be in proper working order and meet all standards.
Other recommended item: laptop computer for presentations
The costs listed above represent the minimum price per item and are subject to change.

Length of Course

The program of study at CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies requires a minimum of 4 weeks. 

Course Outline:

Dive Master
Assistant Instructor

Also included with your training:

Cylinder Inspection
Filling Air Cylinders
Intro to Hyperbarics
Resort/Retail Store operations
Underwater Photography and Video
Equipment Maintenance and Repair
LP and HP Air Systems

* This training is included and not offered by any other Instructor program. For more info on SUBTREK, click here.

Program Costs

Tuition - $12,000.00 USD

Registration Fee - $100.00 USD

Equipment - $3,500.00 USD (estimated) will vary depending on brand, style, material, etc.

Additional Costs

Housing - 

Food - 

Other recommended item: laptop computer for presentations
The costs listed above represent the minimum price per item and are subject to change.

Practical Experience Hours - 164
Academic Hours - 124

Total Hours - 288

Number of Weeks - 4

6 Days per week / 12 Hours per day