How to Compare Schools

The first factor a prospective student should consider is the level of accreditation the school possesses. Simply stated, the more accreditations the better, and don’t even consider schools without the minimum credentials. CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies is an accredited school. 

The second factor is what additional training is included. CDA offers more than just the basic program; we include additional training at no extra cost to you. In essence, you are getting a better education at the same price as other programs who only offer the basics.

The final question to ask is what schools offer an accreditation that is recognized internationally. The international certification needed to work throughout the world is a certification recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). CDA offers this higher level training and is accredited by the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) and provides our students with certification recognized in the U.K., Norway, and Australia, and qualifies our graduates to work anywhere in the world.  CDA trains to a much higher standard than the other institutions. You will have a minimum of 50 hours of actual bottom time in open water diving to depths of 165/ft. Many of the other schools limit your diving to training tanks and you will never dive deeper than 20/ft.

Due to the higher level of certification, all our dives are supervised by certified Air Diving Supervisors.  All our instructors are listed on this website with their diving credentials.  If a school doesn't provide you with the resumes of the teaching staff, there is probably a reason. Please review our instructors' qualifications on this website or click here.

As part of the decision process, you should also evaluate the total cost of training. Although funding is always a consideration, it is only part of the formula, which includes tuition, books, equipment and, based on the length of the program, the expense of room and board. Ultimately, the most important factors, and where CDA excels, are the quality of education, certifications offered, and the preparation for a successful career as a commercial diver.