Unrestricted Surface Supplied Supervisor

All commercial diving is done under supervision. This requires training as well as field experience. The supervisor training program is designed to give personnel a better understanding of the role of a supervisor managing the site and maintaining a safe work environment for all personnel. It also provides a better understanding of the planning and execution of the dive job.

All diving jobs are different; each requires a unique approach. This training teaches how to compile the information, assess the ability of the team, approach the job with safety as a primary concern and ensure that diving standards are adhered to, among many other facets of diving operations.

Leadership is a key component when supervising. One style of leadership is not always appropriate for every job. Having multiple styles is like having multiple skills; you can choose the best one for the job. Our training identifies these roles and educates the supervisor on how each has its own effective qualities.

To qualify to attend this program, the prerequisites are:

100 logged dives and 3 years of logged experience as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver

Course Outline:

I.     Elements of supervising
II.     Motivation and communication
III.     Legal responsibilities under provincial
        and federal diving legislation and regulations
IV.    Health and safety
V.    Site emergencies and accident investigation
VI.    Dive accident prevention and management planning

For more information and/or qualifications, please contact Capt. Black at captblack@cda.edu or 869-466-1990.